¡Bienvenida a la Universidad Peruana Unión!

Universidad Peruana

Nuestro proyecto internacional sigue creciendo. Hoy damos la bienvenida a la Universidad Peruana Unión ubicada en la zona norte de Lima, en Chaclacayo – chosica. La Profesora Karen Alipazaga Arbola y sus estudiantes nos estarán escribiendo desde aquel bello lugar para que podamos intercambiar experiencias y enriquecernos mutuamente.

 Ya que ellas están interesadas en practicar el idioma inglés, les propongo que respondan a este mensaje con sus preguntas o comentarios para nosotros (en inglés) y que nos contesten (en español) a aquellos mensajes que ya están bajo “Un nuevo otoño en la Universidad Católica”. ¿Qué les parece?

 ¡Esperamos sus mensajes!

 Profesora Mónica Mulholland y sus estudiantes de español.


HI! everyboby my name is Rebeca. I’m 24 years old and i’m studying education and i’m going to specialize in english. I like to know and share experiences and in that way we’re going to grow up in the language. i’m going to talk a little about me. I’m very friendly, i like going out with my friends and i don’t like going parties yes i know that is weird. but i don’t like, i like singing and playing some musical instruments like the lira, flute, etc. i’m very sociable and i tired of talking of myself jajaja!!! so i want to make friends! just that!!!

    Tamara Johnson-Maiden November 12, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Hello Rebeca! My name is Tamara and I am a 28 year old student at the University of Mary Washington…. You are not alone. I do not like parties either. I never have. There are better ways to spent my free time. I do like music however, just not loud music that will leave me deaf with a headache. I like slow, calm music. I like to sing as well. I can’t sing very well but I will make a joyful noise. Take care!! It was nice speaking with you!

      Hi! thanks for your answer it’s nice to have a friend in other country who can share experiences and advices! i’m happy because i’m finishing the eigth semester with success. The last days were kind of difficult because i had a lo of homework with my tesis. but i have presented today at last. I hope you can have a nice week and you can overcome different kinds of obstacles!! Take care! and God bless you!

    Hello, Becky!
    It’s so nice to hear from you. I’m Prof. Monica Mulholland. I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I moved to Northern Virginia in August of 2002. I’m very happy here. I live with my husband, Scott, and I study and teach Spanish at Catholic University of America.
    I’m excited about this communication with UPeU. The best of luck with your studies.

Hi everybody there!
My name is Cristina Portal, I`m 22 years old and a peruvian girl. I study in the UPeU ( Universidad Peruana Unión, original name in spanish) this is my forth year studying Linguitics and English which is the name of my carreer. I live in Lima, the capital of my country, Peru! and I really excited to be able to join this interesting blog because I love English and I`m motivated to improve it bite by bite, so please help me!!!
What else can I say about me?…I love music, so I like singing and everything that deals with that. I belong to the Adventist church, and thanks God I have a music ministery that I`m happy to take part in, I sing gospel songs with my sibblings, we are a group of three ( I don`t know how to say TRIO, which is another way to say: group of three…=P)
I hope to have much more time to share more about me next time…as you can see I love communicating, I`m a talkative girl=)!
God bless you all

    Tamara Johnson-Maiden November 12, 2009 at 10:34 am

    Hello Cristina!! My name is Tamara and I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington in the state of Virginia. I am a psychology major and am very excited about graduating next month. I am a Christian Baptist. I sang in a church chior as a child but I have not sang in years. Two things in the world that I love are music and the Lord. God bless you and good luck in all that you are striving to accomplish.

      I`m really exciting to have a frind by here!…mmm…I hope that you dont get bored about me…hahaha! I think I have a happy life here, I love music a lot, and well about my beautiful countrry it would b awesome if you can come one day and visit us!
      You have to come back on practicing how to sing …=)!
      HAve a nice day and may Glod bless you a lot!!
      HUgs from Perù!

      Hey Tami=)!
      Let me tell you that here I belong to yr same faculty but I study education with mention on linguistic and english…yeah I love English!
      I`m really happy that you are christian, and also that you love music the same as me!…what kind of music do you like? which are you favorites music groups?¿?….hope to write you back soon!
      Kisses from Peru..CRis!

    Hello Cristina!
    I’m glad to welcome you to our blog. It’s exciting to be able to share ideas and experiences. It sounds like you have a fun life! I love music, too, but I haven’t practiced singing in a long time.

    One of my closest friends, Carla, is from Lima, too; she’s been living in the US for the last fifteen years, though. Through her, I’m learning a lot about your country. I’d love to visit one day.

    Have a wonderful day, and let’s keep in touch.

Hi everyone!!
I’m Lizeth Vásquez from Peru, I’m 21 years old and I’m studying Lingüistics and English at Peruana Unión University. I’m in forth grade of my carrier, and I would like to practice my English because I like languages, but even more English.
I would like to contact with people who is interesting in getting real friendship in order to talk, chat and share knowledge about our different cultures and backgrounds, etc…
I like reading, talking, meeting new people, doing sports, surfing the net, going out with friends, watching movies, and more interesting stuffs.
These vacations I’m plannig to go to Virginia but until now I’m not too sure about my visa. Hope everything gets easy and may God does this possible, because I’d like to know your country and practice my English as well. I have never been in one English speaking country. So, it is going to be a new experience for me to stay this winter there if I get the visa.
Well, gotta go now..
Have a nice one everybody!!
Bye-byeee!! =)

    Tamara Johnson-Maiden November 12, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Hello Lizeth!! It is interesting that you chose Virginia to visit. That is the state that I was born in and currently reside. I am a senior psychology major at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I hope that you get the visa and that you enjoy your visit to our country.

    Hi Lizeth,
    Thanks for writing to us. The same as you, I studied English (Linguistics & Literature) in my undergrad. That takes about six years in Buenos Aires. I taught that language back home for many years. It’s a passion for me! When I moved to Northern Virginia in 2002, I started to teach Spanish, my mother tongue, and I enjoy that, too. I’m currently pursuing my PhD in Spanish Literature, and I’m reading both Spanish and Latin American authors. That’s another passion that I discovered not long ago.

    Good luck trying to get your visa. Hope you can visit us, soon. Let me know if you’re in the DC area and we can meet in person!

      Hi once again!!

      It`s really interesting that you had studied the same carreer as me.. I share the same opinion, teaching languages is amazing.. I do love reading and teaching English here as well, I`m almost finishing this semester so for that I`m not going to teach English neither Spanish on school during my vacations. But minewhile I`m going to see if is possible for me to go to your place this December. It would be great..!
      Hope everything goes well with your PhD in Spanish Literature.. There are lots of Latin American and Spanish authors, so have a good time reading them..!!

      Well, May God bless you.!
      Good bye!

Hi, everybody!
My name is Jussara, but you can tell me Juss! (I know my name in not common…but i like it) I´m 20 years old and I´m studying in the UPeU ( is an adventist university in Lima, Peru) So, I´m taking the fourth year in Linguistics and english (I love my career).

If you can answer me ,plz send me an e mail.

Don´t Forget God is with u..and I´m praying for you also!



    Tamara Johnson-Maiden November 12, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Hello Juss!! I pray that you are successful in all that you are striving to accomplish. PS: My email is attached (I think).

      Hi Tamara…

      Thanks a lot beacuse i know u are praying for me!. Well, In fact your message was very short but for me was enought to know that you are very nice!

      Perhaps you would write me about your studies or your hobbies ok!!! So I´ll wait for your answers!

      Plz tell me if u are from U.S or another country..



    Hi Juss,
    I agree, your name is not very common but it’s beautiful. Do you know its origin?
    It’s great that you’re enjoying studying English so much. The same as you, I find languages fascinating. I studied & taught English for over twenty years, and then I switched my focus to Spanish, my mother-tongue, when I moved to the US seven years ago. I speak English at home so, in a way, I’m still learning it.

    Let’s keep in touch.

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